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About VETS Home Inspection Service


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My name is Gary D. Church, I am a Certified Professional Home Inspector. 

I have completed 100s of Home Inspections from Flint to Lansing to Grand Rapids and all points in between and to the North. I have diverse experience in trade skills from plumbing to mechanical systems, roofing to flooring, fire safety to electrical systems and more. I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, and served as a Volunteer Firefighter for the cities of Harbor Springs, MI and Alma, MI.

My background also includes a 25 year career as a Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager, which gave me experience in all systems present in healthcare facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. I have many years of construction and project management experience. I have performed Health & Safety Inspections in countless Medical Facilities based on regulatory requirements. This has allowed me to develop a keen eye for detail and an acute sense of propriety and functionality. My experience has positioned me well for my continued success and accumulation of Satisfied Home Inspection Clients!

VETS Home Inspection Service FAQs

Your service is called "VETS Home Inspection Service", does that mean you only do Home Inspections for veterans?

VETS Home Inspection Service will perform home inspections for anyone needing one. The name VETS was chosen as a reflection of both my great respect and appreciation for the men and women of our military and the fact that you will receive an inspection that scrutinizes the home you are considering.

At what time in the home buying process should I consider scheduling a Home Inspection?

A home inspection should be scheduled as soon as you decide to move forward with a home purchase.  The information you gain from an inspection report can impact your next steps and protect you from unseen problems. The earlier in the process that you make this decision, the more likely VETS Home Inspection Service can schedule your home inspection to meet your needs. Your Real Estate Agent can help you with the timing of this decision.

How do I schedule a Home Inspection?

Use the "Contact Us"  page on this website.

Call (989) 681 8180.

Call or Text: (989) 600 8000

Email: gdc@vetshomeinspections.com 

A Home Inspection will need to then be coordinated between you, your Real Estate Agent, and the home seller. Usually your Real Estate Agent will coordinate this once you decide VETS Home Inspection Service will do the home inspection. VETS Home Inspection Service will do everything possible to accommodate you or your realtors scheduling needs. Depending on scheduling openings, VETS Home Inspection Service may be able to schedule your home inspection right away. In most cases, one week lead time should be adequate.

Are Home Inspections required when buying a home?

No, in the vast majority of instances, a home inspection is not required. It is very wise however, to get that independent, educated, third party assessment of the overall condition of the home based on established Standards of Practice.

How does the inspection take place?

When a client decides to utilize VETS Home Inspection Service to provide a Home Inspection, a Standard Pre Inspection Agreement will indicate that  both the client and VETS Home Inspection Service have agreed on the necessary details. A date and time for the home inspection is established and the home inspection takes place, preferably with the client present. After the home inspection is completed, the home inspector then must take all the information compiled and put it into a user friendly format. This is the Home Inspection Report. The report will then be presented and made available to the client in print, e-mail or electronic format. Our goal is to turn around the Home Inspection Report in as little time as possible, usually within 24 hours. Payment by cash or check is accepted at the time the Home Inspection takes place. The on site Home Inspection usually takes between two and three hours.

What is included in my Home Inspection?

VETS Home Inspection Service utilizes Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics as designated by the North American Association of Home Inspectors (NAAHI). Depending on the size and complexity of the home, our inspections are comprised of up to 15 different sections with multiple categories in each section. Inspected items will be categorized as Satisfactory, Needs Maintenance or Unsatisfactory. Satisfactory indicates that it meets standards. Needs Maintenance means that, with a little effort, it can be made right. Unsatisfactory means it does not meet standards. Suggestions for corrective actions for items categorized as Unsatisfactory may be offered by the Home Inspector if appropriate. In some instances, further professional consultation by qualified individuals may be recommended. One example would be if we discover structural alterations that don't meet standards, we may recommend professional consultation with a structural engineer. Another example would be if we discover an obsolete or known faulty electrical distribution panel, we may recommend professional consultation with a licensed electrician.

What is not included in my Home Inspection?

Home Inspections are limited to readily observable items, if they can't be accessed and observed, they can't be inspected. For example, a finished basement makes most, if not all, of the home's foundation unobserveable.  Another limiting factor in an occupied home would be the occupant's personal belongings limiting access to some areas or components to be inspected.

What are the limitations?

Each section of our reports includes a short narrative to explain the limitations of the home inspection process. For example, a home inspector will generally not go on your roof if there is any indication that it may be unsafe due to condition, pitch or weather, or it may be damaged by walking on it. In this case, the roof would be inspected from the ground or a ladder using a pair of binoculars. Another example would be an attic access that is rendered inaccessible by belongings of the occupants of an occupied house. Most home inspectors will not move personal belongings for liability reasons. In this case, the attic would not be inspected unless another acceptable access is available.

Does VETS Home Inspection Service offer any warranty or guarantee?

With the very limited time available to do our inspections, and the possible limitations imposed by unobserveable or inaccessible items, we can not offer a warranty or guarantee of conditions beyond the actual inspection. We also have no control over what happens once we leave the property. We will however give you the most straightforward, honest and quality inspection possible based on the "snapshot in time" available to conduct the inspection. If you are considering a home inspector that offers a guarantee or warranty, be sure to read the fine print.

What is VETS Home Inspection Service pricing structure?

Our pricing structure is based on the gross square footage, location of the house and other factors.  Please contact us for a custom quote.
Is my privacy ensured by VETS Home Inspection Service?

Yes, we will provide a report directly to you, the client. Our electronic, e-mailed or printed reports will be in PDF format and will only be provided to you, the client. We will not give your report to anyone else unless you direct us to do so. Our Home Inspection Report is for the sole use of you, the client and those you may wish to share it with.

Who gets a copy of my report and when can I expect it?

The Home Inspection Report is for your sole use. A goal of VETS Home Inspection Service is to turn around completed reports within 24 hours.

How will my completed Home Inspection Report be presented to me?

The report will be presented and made available to the client in print, e-mail or other electronic format. Our goal is to turn around the Home Inspection Report within 24 hours.

When do I pay for my completed report and what types of payment are accepted?

Payment by cash or check is accepted at the time the Home Inspection takes place.

Why should I use Vets Home Inspection Service?

You should use VETS Home Inspection Service because we will provide you with the best service and the most timely, honest, highest quality home inspection report that is available and it will be based on established Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.